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14 Sep 2015 | Guest Authors | No Comments | 3,688 views | Categories: Virtualization, VMware, vSphere 6
Top 3 Must-See vSphere 6.0 Features

VMware vSphere 6® brings some great new features that will make managing data and storage much easier. The upgrades include tighter integration between products, much needed improvements to several core features, as well as the bundling of backup and recovery functions. The tighter integration between the vSphere products will bring some advanced technologies to many VMware customers depending on their licensing editions. Let’s look at three enhancements you should be sure to check out…

21 Apr 2015 | Guest Authors | No Comments | 5,930 views | Categories: VMware, vSphere 6
How to Monitor VMware vSphere Distributed Switches

It’s not uncommon for different teams to be managing the virtual switch and physical switch configurations. This can make it very difficult to troubleshoot unless each configuration parameter has been gone through manually. There have been enhancements to the vSphere Distributed Switch over the past few years to address these operational challenges.

19 Mar 2015 | Bill Ferguson | No Comments | 3,253 views | Categories: Certification, VMware, vSphere 6
Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: vMotion Options

vMotion, as you may know, is the capability to move the state of a running VM from one physical host to another host without user disruption. It requires the two VMs to be on the same datacenter, in the same cluster; have hosts sharing the same storage, on the same LAN, on same Layer 3, on the same switch; and on the same vCenter — if you are still using vSphere 4.0! However, each newer version of vSphere has gradually “whittled down” the requirements of vMotion, and vSphere 6.0 has removed all but the “same datacenter” requirement.

12 Mar 2015 | Bill Ferguson | No Comments | 2,265 views | Categories: Certification, VMware, vSphere 6
Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: VMware Integrated OpenStack

Two terms that you will see most if you read IT forums today are “cloud” and “Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)”; but what do they really mean? vSphere provides the capability to create an isolated compute (CPU and memory) environment for each of your applications. In fact, this has been true for years. Now, with integrated products such as VMware’s NSX and VSAN you can create an isolated, controllable and secure network and storage environment for each of your applications as well.

5 Mar 2015 | Bill Ferguson | No Comments | 4,929 views | Categories: Certification, VMware, vSphere 6
Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: Fault Tolerance

VMware recently released VMware vSphere 6.0 into the marketplace. The latest vSphere version is packed full of more than 650 technological breakthroughs! It’s more powerful, more flexible, more secure and more easily managed than ever before.  In this series, Global Knowledge instructor, Bill Ferguson will highlight several features that make VMware vSphere 6.0 a game […]

26 Feb 2015 | Bill Ferguson | No Comments | 2,210 views | Categories: Certification, VMware, vSphere 6
Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: Configuration Maximums

I always tell my students that one of the main groups of facts that they should be studying for the test is configuration maximums, especially if they are higher than those of the previous version. Well, that means that “we” have some more studying to do now; because the configuration maximums that VMware announced for vSphere 6.0 have increased in just about every category regarding the design of clusters, hosts, and VMs.

19 Feb 2015 | Bill Ferguson | No Comments | 3,038 views | Categories: VMware, vSphere 6
Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: Web Client

Having heard the opinions of the administrators using the 5.1 and 5.5 vSphere Web Client, many of whom were in my classes, VMware has redesigned the vSphere 6.0 client to be much more user friendly.

12 Jan 2015 | Linda Smith | No Comments | 3,986 views | Categories: Certification, VMware
VMware Announces New VCP6-DT Certification as Two Exams are Retired

It’s out with the old and in with the new as VMware releases VCP6-DT, a new certification for system engineers and desktop virtualization specialists, while at the same time announcing the retirement of the VDCA510 and VDCD510 exams.

30 Dec 2014 | John Hales | One Comment | 6,573 views | Categories: AWS, Big Data, Virtualization, VMware
What’s the Difference Between High Availability and Fault Tolerance in VMware vSphere?

High availability’s goal within VMware vSphere is to minimize downtime, not prevent it. This feature is available in all editions of vSphere except Essentials. It is designed to handle the failure of any or all of the following: Loss of a physical ESXi server. Loss of a virtual machine. Loss of an application within a […]

17 Nov 2014 | John Hales | No Comments | 5,475 views | Categories: Virtualization, VMware
Top 4 Use Cases for Migrating Virtual Machines

One of the advantages of VMware vSphere is that you can move a virtual machine (VM) from one location to another, across servers, storage locations — even data centers. Physical servers don’t have that ability and that can have many implications for disaster recovery, availability, etc.