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What PMI-PBA Certification Is and How to Get It

I’m sure the first question coming to mind is, “What is PMI-PBA certification?” Its full name is PMI® Professional in Business Analysis certification, and it was (probably obviously) developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

24 Jul 2013 | Amanda Alderman | 4 Comments | 7,155 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
E-Mail Etiquette Best Practices

One time I sent in a helpdesk ticket and the helpdesk person would not answer it because I did not have anything in the subject line. I called him all upset but then he explained that they get so many e-mails they need to know quickly who to distribute them to. That same year I was having my yearly review and my manager at the time told me that one of the things I needed to work on was putting a topic in the subject line. I was telling a coworker about that and he said he has issues with me not doing that too. Wow! From then on I always made sure to write in the subject line, so much so that my husband pointed out that I write too much in there and sometimes my whole e-mail is in that line.

22 Jul 2013 | Michelle Moore | No Comments | 51,914 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Working in a Matrix Organization – Keys to Success

As organizations look to do more with fewer resources and leverage scarce knowledge better across their entire organization, we see lots of companies moving to matrix structures. A matrix structure can be defined as ‘a mixed organisational form in which normal hierarchy is overlaid by some form of lateral authority or influence resulting in two chains of command – one along functional lines and the other along project lines.’

8 Jul 2013 | Robert Mclaughlin | No Comments | 4,399 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Getting Started: Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is marketing your product and or service on or with a mobile device. There are several methods a business can conduct mobile marketing. One method consists of utilizing SMS (text messaging). Another tool, though not quite as popular, uses QR codes (quick response codes). Very simply, if you scan a QR code, it should offer a mobile friendly web page, which may include a coupon that only has to be shown to the merchant on your smart phone.

Another option is Bluetooth, which enables users to access a promotion, a deal, or offer within proximity to a particular restaurant or coffee shop. Lastly, using geo-social applications. Geo-social applications allow a user to “check in” at a place based upon their phone’s GPS location (i.e. Foursquare, Facebook, and Yelp).

1 Jul 2013 | Amanda Alderman | No Comments | 14,581 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Feedback in the Workplace

When making a pros and cons list of a job role, my relationship with my manager has always been a line item. I have felt if the relationship is open and I get feedback, the relationship has a better chance of being good. It’s when I don’t know what they think about my performance that makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure.

26 Jun 2013 | Robert Mclaughlin | No Comments | 11,517 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Getting Started: Business E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a way to communicate with customers and provice valuable information to an interested or targeted audience. One way to reach your audience is by using an e-mail service provider who can automate best-practices. Some of the things they can provide:

Easy-to-use templates
Reinforced brand identity
E-mails addressed to the target recipient
Management of lists (adding new subscribers, handling bounce-backs, and removing un-subscribers)
Improve e-mail delivery, track results, and make sure your communications obey the law

21 Jun 2013 | Robert Mclaughlin | No Comments | 3,559 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Getting Started: Corporate Blogging

A blog is a personal journal published on the Internet. They’re interactive and may provide commentary on specific subjects and can act as online brand advertising. So why should your company blog?

31 May 2013 | Amanda Alderman | 2 Comments | 4,567 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Finding Your Ideal Work Mentor

A few years ago I took some leadership training and during the training it was suggested we get mentors. I asked someone who was in a higher position than I was and who I respected a lot. She told me she had too much on her plate. Luckily, I found someone else, who recommended a few books to me and we were able to meet a few times. In the end, I didn’t keep up with it and it fell off.

Lately I feel like I need guidance and inspiration. I do read books on my own about leadership, but I am not clear on where I want to go at this point and have been feeling a little uninspired. I need some help guiding my career, so I decided to do some research on how to find a mentor again.

22 May 2013 | Amanda Alderman | No Comments | 3,506 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Eight Tips for Making Internal Job Moves

I have been at Global Knowledge about eight and a half years and have had eight different roles. Which made me think, “Why have I been able to change jobs so often?” To begin with I am the type of person who likes to look at the big picture and understand what people do. How do things come together? How do the pieces fit? Who does what and why? I am a believer in collaboration so I try to meet with people to understand their role. Sometimes knowing who to go to for help is the most important thing in the process of trying to accomplish something.

15 May 2013 | John Mark Ivey | One Comment | 7,726 views | Categories: Professional Development, Professional Skills
Top 5 Survival Tips for the New Kid in the Office

To quote a famous frog, “It ain’t easy being green.” I see tons of advice blogs on the interwebs every spring on how new grads can ace that first job interview or snag that first job. What I’ve found lacking is some office guidance for the newbie on the payroll. So for all you recent grads who have already landed that first job, here are a few tips to help you hang on to it.