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31 Mar 2014 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 867 views | Categories: Data Storage
Take the World Backup Day Pledge

March 31 is World Backup Day.

25 Mar 2014 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 1,131 views | Categories: Cisco, Conference, Networking
What’s Up at Interop

Two years ago, I attended my first Interop IT Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, and it left quite an impression on me. I’d heard about the “granddaddy of all IT conferences,” as it is now in its 28th year, and it didn’t disappoint. Despite the cool parties, the cool swag, and the well-staffed booths, Interop was also wall-to-wall with the world’s IT leaders in attendance. And I was in awe. This year is no different.

14 Mar 2014 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 811 views | Categories: Conference, Government
Training is the Secret Sauce to Preparing our Soldiers

When Admiral Bill Gortney, US Navy Commander of the US Fleet Forces Command, spoke at AFCEA West 2014 earlier this year, he knew his peers were probably expecting him to talk about strategy. But that’s not what he’s about.

5 Feb 2014 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 2,499 views | Categories: Conference, Government
Shaping Maritime Strategy at AFCEA West 2014

The theme of this year’s AFCEA West 2014 conference is “Shaping the Maritime Strategy: How Do We Make It Work?” It’s a time of transition for our armed forces and federal government as budgets are being trimmed and a huge change in naval capabilities shifts from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

31 Jan 2014 | John Mark Ivey | One Comment | 3,010 views | Categories: Technology
Top 10 Ways to Purge Your Email Inbox

In January 2013, I noticed I had 7,555 email messages in my Outlook inbox. I remember it, because the number caught my eye and I kept getting alert emails that my account size was close to its limit. You can only ignore those alert emails just so long before, while sending the most important email of your life, you press send and… nothing. You try sending it again. Nothing. That’s what happened to me.

13 Dec 2013 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 2,317 views | Categories: Hacking & Cybercrime, Security, Technology
Building A Better Password

As a cybersecurity enthusiast for years, I am intrigued whenever there is a huge headline-making, media-frenzied security breach. Take, for instance, those two million passwords that were hacked earlier this month from social media sites, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even my venerable Twitter. At the same time, I am disappointed. The fight against cybercrime is never ending, but winning a battle or two would be nice.

25 Nov 2013 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 5,232 views | Categories: Malware, Security
The Morris Worm Turns 25

In November 1988, the first large-scale malware called the Morris Worm was unleashed on an Internet still mostly populated by academics and technology hobbyists.

29 Oct 2013 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 2,905 views | Categories: Big Data, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Conference, IBM, Technology
What Happens at IBM IOD Won’t Stay at IBM IOD

I’m preparing to attend my first IBM conference next week when IBM Information On Demand 2013 begins in Las Vegas. While it’s not the first IBM conference Global Knowledge has attended since becoming an IBM Global Training Provider, it’s the first one I’ll be covering, so be on the look out for my IBM IOD-related blogs next month.

19 Sep 2013 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 2,200 views | Categories: Conference, Government
National Security in the Hands of Fifth Graders

What if our nation’s security was in the hands of fifth graders? An obvious exaggeration, but Lieutenant General Keith Walker made the point that the US Army is preparing its network to serve commanders in 2030, or today’s fifth grade boys and girls.

3 Sep 2013 | John Mark Ivey | No Comments | 4,159 views | Categories: Conference, Government
AFCEA’s TechNet Augusta 2013 On My Mind

Soon I’ll be headed down south to the fine state of Georgia to attend AFCEA’s TechNet Augusta 2013 government conference. My last government event was AFCEA West 2013 in San Diego, and I hope this trip will be as enlightening and useful.