The Perfect Blend   —   or Should I Say the “Holy Grail” (Part 2)

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For years, the training industry sought the perfect balance of learning modes to better reach an ever-changing audience. However, with all of this new technology, come new distractions. We remain tethered to the internet (whether by choice or not) 24/7.

In the technical training arena, there’s no arguing that competent workforce equals competitive advantage; yet technology changes at an exponential rate. With tighter budgets and less time to attend in-class (traditional) training, it gets more and more difficult to find the right balance.

The answer lies in creating more collaborative learning environments to meet learners’ needs who can’t find the time or money to pursue more traditional technical training. At Global Knowledge, we are known for providing industry-leading traditional technical training. In our classroom environment, students enjoy hands-on experiences and the benefit of the social interaction that comes with this type of learning. As our audience changes and the texting phenoms enter the workforce, we have to find additional ways to reach them. Instead of them coming to the training, the training should come to them.

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