The Procurement Team

The procurement team manages the creation and oversight of legally binding contracts.  The team is made up of representatives from all areas of expertise that are necessary to ensure that contracts are properly structured to protect the interests of the organization.

Procurement Team Players

  • procurement department
  • project team
  • legal
  • finance
  • marketing (optional)
  • IT (optional)
  • manufacturing (optional)
  • Others?

Contract Manager
The person assigned by the procurement office to take management responsibility for specific procurements is called a ‘contract manager’ or, in PMI terminology, a ‘procurement administrator.’

The contract manager is the team captain.  He or she provides administrative oversight for the steps and stages of ‘conducting’ procurement.  The contract manager controls ‘official’ communications with vendors based on feedback from members of the procurement team.

Promoting Bids
After procurement documents (bid packages) have been prepared in the planning stages, the procurement team take responsibility for the distribution of those documents to potential vendors.

Initial interest is generated by advertising in newspapers, industry publications, and/or on internet sites.

For complex procurements, advertising generally leads to a bidder or vendor conference.  At these conferences the buyer makes a presentation about what is being procured and why, and then remains available for questions.

The object of bidder conferences is to quickly and efficiently make vendors aware of requirements and conditions.

The managers of bidder conferences are obligated to ensure that questions are not answered in confidence.  The answer to every question that is asked, before and after the conference, must be made available to all bidders.

The next submission will discuss proposal evaluation techniques.

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