Collaboration Critical to Employee Success says Cisco

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Today’s employees expect to collaborate extensively with their colleagues—and believe it’s not just beneficial, but essential to their careers and to the business.

In a recent study, Cisco surveyed employees at midmarket and enterprise businesses in the United States and found that when workers embrace collaboration, they do so wholeheartedly. More than 75% said collaboration is critical to their success on the job; more than 90% said collaboration makes them more productive.

The study divided respondents into four categories. Workers identified as Collaboration Enthusiasts—those who believe collaboration is a key business differentiator—use an average of 22 tools, including social networking sites, blogs, and wikis, to connect with colleagues. Respondents in the Collaboration Laggard group use far fewer, often because their company doesn’t make them available.

Competitive, entrepreneurial businesses should consider the type of work environment they want to foster and employees they would like to attract. If businesses intend to champion collaborative work processes, they must welcome the use of tools and solutions that may feel uncomfortable from a security standpoint.

Excerpted from the Cisco 2010 Midyear Security Report. Download your copy here.

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