Zombie Team Members

Take a good look at your team members, at some of your associates, at others around you. Can you see anyone who has “checked out?”

  • They are over worked, under appreciated, caught in a vicious, daily routine that has trapped them from ever seeing any glory.
  • They usually respond with whatever makes the question go away quickest.
  • They are not engaged or worried about what is happening minute to minute. They are counting the weeks, days or hours until it is over, either for a short respite or forever.

Team zombies…they go through the motions, they make no special effort. They have “checked out” in essence –  no longer worried about their job, no longer worried about quotas, office gossip, corporate share pricing, what is best for the customer, etc. They are justing “doing it.”

I have an associate who has decided to leave. Actually, she decided almost 3 months ago, after just 6 months of being in “the gulag,” to “check out.” She is now moving on. She will wait for her 1 year of experience in this role, to the day, and she is either getting moved somewhere

She occasionally fights for something she feels is right, but she is no longer a good corporate asset. She does not care if her work, which is only checked once a year, is “toeing the corporate line” or not. She is skipping most of the checks and balances, so she can get her expected work load done within the time she has allotted for this job. She refuses to come in on weekends and never works more than a half hour after normal quitting time. No extra effort or heroic dashes are coming out of her ever again for this company. She hates her manager, who has micromanaged her into a fury too many times.

She cannot wait to surprise her soon-to-be ex-manager with an all encompassing, spare no feelings, burn all bridges, exit interview.

The majority of people quit jobs because of management. Do you know anyone who is unhappy in their current job because of management (maybe yourself)? What are some strategies for those folks experiencing unhappiness with their managers(s)?

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