Do You (or Your Manager) Promote Talent Development?

Are you looking-out for the bright stars in your staff? These are the ones who always get things done, always work to the deadlines or ahead of the deadlines, and/or always seem happy and willing to work with just about any client or other staff member. Or, are you just loading them down with more work, because they will get the work done…and you know it?

Get on the bandwagon of promoting and fostering staff talent!

Whether you are general staff or first line management, you need an incentive once in a while. Just a little something from management that shows the manager knows you are working hard.

As a manager, are you adding incentive to their job with extra or advanced training sessions, the option to select a juicy new project or task, work the easy overtime for future days off, or get first crack at new equipment?

Is this not how you would want to be treated by your boss? Show your staff you care. Find out what they are looking for down the road, what are they interested in, and how you can work with them to get there … even in this time of  tightening budgets.

There are ways to show you appreciate your best performers. And maybe, just maybe, you will be incenting some of your lesser performers when they see the perks!

From David Egan

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