2 Jul 2015 | Ryan Sharpston
Success Beyond A Super Bowl Ring, Lessons from IAUG Converge 2015

It doesn’t matter if you work on a football field, a boardroom, cubicle or call center, each member of the team — from the CEO to the mailroom clerk — plays a vital role in an organization’s success each day, according to Joe Theismann, former quarterback for the Washington Redskins, Super Bowl XVII ring holder and International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) Converge 2015 keynote speaker.

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3 Jul 2015 | Johnny Bass | CCNP, CCNP Security, Certification, Cisco
CCNP Security Question of the Week: AnyConnect VPN Client

What is a valid reason for configuring a list of backup servers on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client profile?

1 Jul 2015 | James Michael Stewart | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: DoS Tool

You have become aware of a DoS tool that targets your public Web site which is co‐located at an ISP rather than in a DMZ off of your intranet. This DoS tool is present on numerous systems across the Internet, but it has also been discovered on a few intranet clients as well. After analyzing traffic captures, you discover that the DoS tool spoofs its source address in the‐50 range. Why is your Web server not being affected by this DoS traffic?

30 Jun 2015 | Cassie Demeter | Communication, Professional Development, Training Trends
Utilizing Technology to Enable the Learner’s Success

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, subsequently evolving the way we consume information. And with these changes, learners like you and me are rightfully demanding more from our online user experiences. Even within the past five years, features that once felt like a luxury, such as live chatting with the instructor, are now an expectation. To meet demands, education providers are gifted to lead the charge.

29 Jun 2015 | Guest Authors | Certification, PMP, Project Management
PMP Question of the Week: Close Project

Which of the following activities will not be performed as part of the Close Project or Phase process?

26 Jun 2015 | Perry McLeod | Business Analysis, Professional Development
So You Need Business Analysis Training

Successful business-systems analysts usually have a combination of education and experience in the field of business analysis. It is common that a newbie business analyst finds that he or she is unskilled at dealing with the challenges of the occupation. It is a great idea to look for training to understand the real-world landscape of IT project lifecycle, where and how a business analyst fits and career advancement. The goal of this article is to provide a large-picture, across-the-globe view of the different training options available.

26 Jun 2015 | Johnny Bass | CCNP, CCNP Security, Certification, Cisco
CCNP Security Question of the Week: IPsec VPN Tunnels

When deploying remote-access IPsec VPN tunnels, what is the key benefit of digital certificates?