29 Aug 2014 | James Michael Stewart
How to Get Paid to be a Hacker

You may have seen headlines recently about researchers, ethical hackers and even kids being paid for flaws they discovered in operating systems, software and even online games. If so, you may have asked yourself, “How can I get paid to hack?”

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29 Aug 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCNA, CCNA Security, Certification, Cisco

What does the ‘5’ in this enable secret in global configuration mode command indicate? router# enable secret level 5 password   A. The enable secret password is used for accessing exec privilege level 5. B. The enable secret password is hashed using MD5. C. The enable secret password is hashed using SHA. D. Set the […]

28 Aug 2014 | Iain Campbell | Data Storage, IBM, Technology
A Brief History of Logical Volumes

Permanent data storage normally uses HDD technology originally developed by IBM in the mid 1950s. Today, HDDs are typically aggregated into arrays in storage appliances using various methods to provide redundancy in case of the failure of any single HDD. In this case, the array, or a portion of the storage space in the array, will be presented to a client OS as a logical unit (LUN). This is not yet logical volume management (LVM), however, the LUN still appears to the OS as a single, large-capacity storage device. For LVM purposes, there is no functional difference between a local HDD and a LUN, so we will simply call either type of storage a disk.

27 Aug 2014 | Toby Skandier | A+, Certification, CompTIA
A+ Question of the Week: Copper Cabling

When copper cabling is required, which of the following is least susceptible to interference?

25 Aug 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, PMP, Project Management
PMP Question of the Week: Control Procurements

You have been the project manager on the Aurora project since its inception. During the early phases of the project, it was determined that some of the work would be contracted out to a trusted contractor. As a project manager, which of the following functions would you not perform during the Control Procurements process?

22 Aug 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCIE, Certification, Cisco, Routing & Switching
CCIE Routing & Switching Question of the Week: IS-IS

Which statement is true about Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS)?

20 Aug 2014 | John Mark Ivey | Conference, VMware
Top 10 Must-See Sessions at VMworld 2014

After missing last year, I am headed back to VMworld in San Francisco. By the looks of the schedule builder bursting with a whopping 375 sessions, not counting repeat sessions, in only 19 timeslots spread over four days, it’s going to be a busy week.