22 Oct 2014 | James Michael Stewart
Top 5 Common Activities that Break Company Security Policy

Many employees are not as well-versed in their company’s security policy as they should be. This may result in workers performing tasks that might seem innocent or benign on the surface, but which actually put the organization at risk of a security breach. Understanding what you are doing (as an employee) or what your users are doing (as a boss or manager), can help you work toward a viable resolution to these situations. In most cases, user behavior changes as well as implementation of new technological solutions can curb exposure to risk and increase security policy compliance.

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22 Oct 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: Vishing

What is vishing?

20 Oct 2014 | James Michael Stewart | Certification, Security
Cybersecurity Awareness Question of the Week: Risky Internet Practices

Which of the following practices places you at the most risk?

17 Oct 2014 | Ron Wen | Certification, Microsoft
Microsoft Certification Exams, No Testing Center Required

Having options in life is usually a good thing. Do you want a cheeseburger or pizza for lunch? Water or sweet tea? And, if you’re going to take a Microsoft certification exam, do you prefer to take it at a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center or in the comfort of your own home or office?

17 Oct 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCIE, Certification, Cisco, Routing & Switching
CCIE Routing & Switching Question of the Week: Type Length Value

Which protocols use TLV (Type Length Value) fields to carry information? (Choose 3.)

15 Oct 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: Social Engineering Tactic

What social engineering tactic grants an unauthorized person access to a secured area without the consent of the authorized person?

14 Oct 2014 | Berni Gardiner | Cisco, CUCM
Understanding Calling Search Space Usage at the Phone and Line Level

For those of you who are learning to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), some aspects of the configuration might seem ambiguous or confusing. One of the areas I am sometimes asked about is the use of Calling Search Space (CSS) and where to best configure it.