1 Oct 2014 | Guest Authors
National Cyber Security Awareness Month: A Shared Responsibility

October has been designated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), which was created as a government and industry-driven effort to ensure resources are available to all for staying safe and secure online. NCSAM is celebrating 11 years of reaching consumers, small and medium-size businesses, corporations, educational institutes and young people through cybersecurity education.

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1 Oct 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: Website Redirect

What type of attack aims at redirecting traffic intended for a legitimate website to an illegitimate website?

29 Sep 2014 | Berni Gardiner | Cisco, CUCM
How To Use Enterprise License Manager with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

License provisioning has always been a bit of a challenge in the CUCM environment. Prior to CUCM v9.0, licensing was managed on a per-cluster basis with each cluster requiring its own license files that were tied to the media access control (MAC) address of the cluster’s publisher. This approach to license management was limiting in the fact that one cluster might have unused licenses while another cluster may be at its limit and sharing between clusters was not possible.

29 Sep 2014 | James Michael Stewart | Certification, Security
Cybersecurity Awareness Question of the Week: Selling Online

When selling a used device online, which of the following is the most important?

26 Sep 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCNA, CCNA Security, Certification, Cisco
CCNA Security Question of the Week: Secure Network Management

Which of the following are important for secure network management ?

25 Sep 2014 | Kelsey Garner | Women in Tech
Women in Tech: The Current Landscape

The number of women in the technology field saw little growth in recent years. In this male-dominated arena, it appears the representation and compensation of women waivers compared to their male counterparts.

25 Sep 2014 | Ray Dooley | CCNA, Certification, Cisco
Preparing for the Simulation Exercises on the Cisco CCNA Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam consists of 50-plus questions with an allowed completion time of 90 minutes. There are the usual multiple-choice and drag-and-drop questions. However, there will be two to four simulation exercises that require hands-on interaction with one or more routers and switches.