25 Nov 2014 | Samuel Brown
Common Project Manager Mistakes: #2 We Don’t Have Time for Risk Management

Risk management is time consuming and consequently costly but it is often more costly to rush forward without considering risk, because when the unexpected happens, we have to react, which involves delay, rework, and sometimes waste.

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28 Nov 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCIE, Certification, Cisco, Routing & Switching
CCIE Routing & Switching Question of the Week: OSPFv3 Adjacencies

Examine the following exhibit. R1 and R6 cannot form OSPFv3 adjacencies, why?

26 Nov 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: Office Graffiti

When entering your office building from a side entrance, one which faces several outdoor restaurants, you notice circles with numbers and codes marked on the wall. What does this indicate?

24 Nov 2014 | James Michael Stewart | Security
Cybersecurity Awareness Question of the Week: Identity Theft

What group of people are the most common targets of identity theft?

21 Nov 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCNA, CCNA Security, Certification, Cisco
CCNA Security Question of the Week: AAA Login Authentication

When AAA login authentication is configured on Cisco routers, which two authentication methods could be used as the final methods to ensure that the administrator can still log in to the router, even if the external AAA server fails? (Choose two).

19 Nov 2014 | Toby Skandier | A+, Certification, CompTIA
A+ Question of the Week: Ghosted Images

A user complains of ghosted past images superimposed on printed pages. Eventually, only fully darkened pages are being printed. Which laser-printer component can lead to this issue?

18 Nov 2014 | Samuel Brown | Certification, Project Management
Common Project Manager Mistakes: #1 Limiting Stakeholders

Who is the customer of the project? Is it the group that will use the results of the project? Is it the group that asked for the project to be done? Is it the group that is paying for the project? The answer is “all of the above” and there may even more stakeholders.