23 Oct 2014 | John Mark Ivey
No Doubt, IBM Insight Will Be Exciting Underneath It All

Please forgive me if I’m a little extra excited about IBM Insight next week. Last year when I attended IBM Information on Demand (IOD) 2013, the predecessor to this year’s re-christened IBM Insight, IBM had just named us a Global Training Provider after the company decided to turn the reigns of its training over to outside companies. IBM IOD was the first IBM conference I attended after that announcement. I soon found IBMers are very social media savvy. I thought only Cisco Live! and VMworld attendees were that active. I had found my people!

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24 Oct 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCNA, CCNA Security, Certification, Cisco
CCNA Security Question of the Week: Access Control List

Which are key differences between Cisco IOS Access Control List (ACL) configurations and Cisco ASA ACL configurations? (Choose two.)

22 Oct 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week: Vishing

What is vishing?

20 Oct 2014 | James Michael Stewart | Certification, Security
Cybersecurity Awareness Question of the Week: Risky Internet Practices

Which of the following practices places you at the most risk?

17 Oct 2014 | Ron Wen | Certification, Microsoft
Microsoft Certification Exams, No Testing Center Required

Having options in life is usually a good thing. Do you want a cheeseburger or pizza for lunch? Water or sweet tea? And, if you’re going to take a Microsoft certification exam, do you prefer to take it at a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center or in the comfort of your own home or office?

17 Oct 2014 | Johnny Bass | CCIE, Certification, Cisco, Routing & Switching
CCIE Routing & Switching Question of the Week: Type Length Value

Which protocols use TLV (Type Length Value) fields to carry information? (Choose 3.)

15 Oct 2014 | David Willson | Hacking & Cybercrime, Security
Ignoring it Won’t Make it Go Away, and What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

As an entrepreneur, I have spent the last three years speaking with small‐ and medium-sized business owners about risk and why they need to get serious about the security of their businesses.