25 Jul 2014 | Amanda Alderman
Pros, Cons and Land Mines of Working With Your Spouse

Many people I know met their partner at work. It makes sense, as many of us spend more hours awake at work than we do at home, and our coworkers become our friends and most of the time like our family. We meet people at work, and sometimes those are the people we hang out with outside of work so friendships develop.

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29 Jul 2014 | Kelsey Garner | Professional Development, Technology, Training Trends
IT Salary Trends: 2014 vs. Previous Years

The results are in, and 2014 has shown improvement across the board in regards to base salaries, raises, and bonuses for respondents to Global Knowledge’s yearly IT Skills & Salary Survey. The survey, one of the industry’s largest of its kind, was conducted in the fall of 2013. Results were published in the Global Knowledge 2014 IT Skills & Salary Report and included input from more than 12,000 North American respondents in both IT and business fields.

28 Jul 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, PMP, Project Management
PMP Exam Prep Question of the Week

Determine the critical path from the project schedule network diagram for the following project.

25 Jul 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, SMSP
SMSP Question of the Week

Sara, a user, deletes her profile from a social media site. However, posts she made on other user’s profiles still exist and are visible to all social media users. Which of the following terms of service (TOS) components outlines how this data will be handled?

24 Jul 2014 | James Michael Stewart | Microsoft
Living with Windows XP after the Final Update

Microsoft has officially ended free, public support for Windows XP. Thus, those who continue to use this more-than-10-years-old operating system will no longer receive system updates. While the general recommendation is to update to Windows 7, doing so is not always possible for nor desired by many. So, how can someone continue to use Windows XP while minimizing their risks?

23 Jul 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, CompTIA, Security, Security+
Security+ Question of the Week

An attack that is based on the exploitation of the trust a Web site has in a visiting user that enables an attacker to send arbitrary HTTP requests as if they came from the trusted user is known as?

21 Jul 2014 | Guest Authors | Certification, PMP, Project Management
PMP Exam Prep Question of the Week

If PV = $10,000, EV = $9,000, and AC = $9,000, what is the CV?